Daily Lessons

The other day I went to my little sister’s French Symposium competition. Many high schools participate in this, totaling to hundreds of students competing against each other in French. I also participated in this competition, all my four years of high school. Normally, I don’t think back to those years very much. I didn’t particularly enjoy high … More Daily Lessons

Earth Day

  Everyone around the world is coming together on April 22. Hopefully you will too. Mother Nature. Possibly the most beautiful thing… Ever. It’s magnificent, amazing, strong, beautiful, and vulnerable. I know nature will always be present, but I also know that us humans do affect it negatively. I am not the most earthly person, … More Earth Day

Travel Essentials

Being raised with two parents who are flight attendants, I may go on more flights than the average person. I have to be prepared for any situation and pack light. These are some of the things I can’t travel without. Baby Wipes. I cannot stress this enough. Baby wipes can be used for everything. No toilet … More Travel Essentials