Travel Essentials

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Being raised with two parents who are flight attendants, I may go on more flights than the average person. I have to be prepared for any situation and pack light. These are some of the things I can’t travel without.

Baby Wipes. I cannot stress this enough. Baby wipes can be used for everything. No toilet paper? Dirty hands? Need to take your makeup off? Sweaty armpits? Spilled sticky liquid on your arms/legs? These are a lifesaver and I have at least ten wipes in my purse where ever I go, even if I’m traveling from school to home. You never know.

Audible. If you don’t have Audible, you need to get it. It’s about $15 a month for a free book and 30% off any other books in the store. I honestly look forward to listening to my every book on here. I’m currently listening to Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and it is amazing. I usually listen to more inspiring books on Audible, whereas when I hold a book I look for romantic fiction. It’s great for traveling because you don’t need Wifi once you’ve downloaded the book and you carry your phone around with you everywhere anyway, you don’t have to bring a book that might take up some extra space in your bag.

Deodorant. If you’re flying for long periods of time, you definitely need this. If not for the people around you, then at least for yourself. It’s always nicer when you smell good. It might even save you from a bad mood because who likes sitting for long periods of time while smelling bad and not being able to shower? No one. My deodorant of choice is Va Va Vanilla By Secret.

Lip Balm and Lotion. I know, these are two things, not one. But they have the same purpose. Moisturize. Airplanes can be very drying. I always carry my Burt’s bees lip balm and some type of hand lotion with me so that I can apply it whenever I need to. Right now I’m using Neutrogena’s hand cream. Another thing this coincides with is drinking water. Airplanes are not good for your skin and you need to stay hydrated. Some people like to bring masks with them on the plane to cleanse their skin and get some extra moisture but I think they’re too messy in a small space so I like to just keep it simple with water, lip balm, and hand lotion. Also, where you’re going may be dryer than you might be used to. I’m used to the humid texas air from the Gulf of Mexico so I was very grateful I brought these things along when I went to dry Colorado.





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