Earth Day


13925219_821825237953162_7844806914049893353_nEveryone around the world is coming together on April 22. Hopefully you will too.

Mother Nature. Possibly the most beautiful thing… Ever. It’s magnificent, amazing, strong, beautiful, and vulnerable. I know nature will always be present, but I also know that us humans do affect it negatively. I am not the most earthly person, I don’t recycle every day, I use toxic chemicals more than I should, I waste water. I forget and we all forget, it’s human. But earth day is here to remind us not to forget. That we need to give back as much as we take, if not more. Here are some basic, easy things you can do for the earth not just on earth day, but every day:

Cut back on water. I’m actually not too bad about this. I don’t take very long showers anymore, usually because I shower before school and I am in a rush. Also, it’s pretty simple. You wash your hair, shave, wash your body, and you’re done. What else are you doing in there for 20 extra minutes? Now, I’m not saying you have to be like me and take five to ten-minute showers. You can start off slow. Cut five minutes from your shower every week until you’ve found a time that works with you and doesn’t waste. That’s hundreds of gallons of water you’re saving! You’ll realize that you never needed all that extra time anyway. Also, don’t let the water run when you brush your teeth. You only need the water to wet your toothbrush and rinse your mouth (that’s less than 45 seconds of running water)

Turn off electricity. I feel like this is actually a huge problem that no one really thinks about.  We leave so many things plugged into the wall. Did you know that even though these things aren’t being used (hairdryers, chargers, microwaves, etc) electricity is constantly coursing through the outlet and into your item that is plugged in. It is extremely wasteful. There are some things you can’t unplug like your stove or your TV, which is understandable, just try to unplug those that you can. You don’t need your charger to be plugged in 24/7 when you only use it at night. Your hair dryer you use maybe every other day? Unplug it. You don’t need to be that wasteful. Buying a power and surge protective bar can also help with this problem. You can plug computer equipment into it and when they aren’t being used, hit the switch so your items are still plugged in, but they aren’t using electricity. When I went to colorado, I saw something incredible. Every house in the mountains used solar panels. Now, how amazing is that? I understand that solar panels are expensive to install, but once they are set up, the expenses usually pay off themselves. I can’t wait to get my own solar panels one day.

Recycle. This is pretty basic guys. If you don’t recycle, that is really sad.  There is trash that won’t leave this earth for thousands of years. You can help with that. You may not think it makes a difference, but it really does.

Plant. Not only is this good for the earth, but it is good for us (Wait… Aren’t things that are good for the earth normally good for us? Think about it. You might want to be “earthly” more often).  Plants and trees are cut down every minute, every day. Recently, I have been wanting to start my own little garden. I think that would be awesome. My own food with no pesticides, completely natural and organic. We need plants. To eat, to breathe, and to heal. Instead of simply taking, why don’t you start giving? Even if you plant one thing, something you use often like aloe or basil or even peppermint. That’s already more than what most people did.

Don’t ever underestimate the impact you have on this earth. Everything you do makes a difference. You decide whether that difference is good or bad.



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